The Year In Review 2012

Below is the second annual Adventures In Diabetes Parenting year in review.  A first or last line from one post per month takes you through a few significant moments in our year, diabetes-wise:

January: Of the school JDRF walk: She'll be reminded that she's not walking on her diabetes journey alone; there are at least 500 footsteps beside her all the way.

February:  Of flying: We take some solace in the kindness of many of the security agents, and in the astonished looks of passers-by as they watch a small child being patted down to secure their safety.

 March:  Of our Disney vacation: A combination of careful preparation ahead of time, and enjoying every opportunity while we were there, though, made it a magical vacation.

April:  Of a low blood sugar: "Mommy, that was scary," she said later in the day.

May:  Of independence at a party: The expression on her face Saturday morning reminded me of the one after she took her first steps.

June:  Of an unexpected and undeserved blood sugar: While I'm happy when a moment like this comes our way, I'm convinced that much of it is just a lucky roll of the dice.

July:  Of counting: But wouldn't it be fun to dive into that tray of chips and salsa at the next cookout without enumerating each one?

August:  Of a change in school nurses: As with many things diabetes, just when you think you have everything figured out, it's time to start all over again.

September:  Of diabetes in school: But it's comforting to know that, should an argument arise, there's a document to back up my daughter's right to available chocolate-covered pretzels.

October:  Of a successful 504 meeting: Most importantly, it ended with an understanding that my daughter, the school's staff, our doctors, my husband and I are a team working together to keep my daughter's diabetes from getting in the way of a good education. 

November:  Of emergency preparedness: Sandy is the first storm for which we've packed a full diabetes 'go bag.'
December:  Of Newtown: Then we take a deep breath, and send our children off into the world, trusting those in whose hands we leave them to do their best to keep them safe.  

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