"We forgot to bolus that second piece of toast."

That was my daughter's reasoning for the somewhat elevated blood sugar at her 10:17 lunchtime today.  She was probably right. 

What struck me about the conversation was not the forgotten toast or the need to add a correction to the lunch bolus.  These things happen when we must live our lives concurrently with living with diabetes.

What struck me was the 'we.' 

Up until fairly recently, the sentence would have been, 'You forgot to bolus that second piece of toast.'

That 'we' forgot hints at my daughter's increasing ownership of managing her diabetes. 

Some day, it will be 'I forgot.'

For now, 'we' is just right.  She realizes that she has some responsibility in this, and wants to take it.  She also knows that her parents, school nurse, and other trusted adults will help her whenever she needs it.

Teaching her to manage her diabetes, as she ultimately will need to do independently, is important.

Meanwhile, she also needs to be a kid.  So, yes, 'we' forgot the toast.  She remembered to read the comics while she ate it though, and to clear her place when she was finished.  These were her 'be a kid' responsibilities.

I value her increased interest in managing her diabetes.  Yet, truth be told, while 'we' forgot, I'm the one who should have remembered.

Her ultimate job was to enjoy her toast and today's 'Mutts' comic strip.

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