The Delayed Opening

This mess caused a delayed opening of school today.

The delayed opening caused a bigger mess, blood-sugar-wise. 

Causes of said mess included:

  • Neglecting to check blood sugar before finishing most of breakfast.  The excitement over extra pajama time distracted us terribly.
  • Spending an ordinarily sedentary half-hour scraping ice off of our car and driveway.
  • Lunch at the civilized but unusual hour of 11:14.
  • Gym following lunch in a more rapid fashion than usual.

Soon I will drive her home in what is now just a wet mess, with ice turning to slush and fog.  Things will presumably begin to take a more ordinary course.  Homework, piano, then perhaps a few pages of her book before dinner.

Hopefully diabetes picks up quickly on this return to routine.

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  1. Urrrr. We might have one of those kinds of mornings tomorrow--I'm hoping to remember to put the car in the garage. Thanks for the reminder!


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