Looking Back: Where

Before we left the hospital with our newly diagnosed daughter, a wise diabetes educator suggested we designate a place in our home for diabetes care.

Particularly with a 13 month old baby, this was incredibly important advice. My daughter obviously did not understand why she was now being subjected to pokes from sharp objects many times a day.  She only understood that she did not like it.

The suggestion was specific.  We should choose a place where she did not otherwise ordinarily go.  The idea was that the dining room table, the kitchen,  her bedroom and the bathroom would remain safe places, with happy connotations.  She could sit on the living room floor playing with her blocks assured that mommy would not suddenly appear with a syringe.

Our bedroom became the diabetes room.  Blood sugar checks, insulin injections, and subsequently site changes all took place there.    The hook to lure her in there was that the t.v. would be on.   She'd then be distracted by the t.v. while her blood sugar was checked or her shot was given.  She watched hours of Little Bear, Oswald, Oobi and Blue's Clues, all in five minute bits.  The existence of Noggin, now Nick Jr., played a huge part in our early diabetes experience. 

By her choice, we gradually progressed to blood sugar checks taking place wherever it was convenient, and she keeps those supplies in her room now. 

To this day, though, she still prefers to do site changes in the spare room of our current house, with the t.v. on.  The shows are different, but the idea remains the same.  This bit of diabetes care is confined to a room my daughter doesn't often frequent.  Out of sight, out of mind.

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