My mouth hung open and all I could seem to utter was, "REALLY?" when the doctor shared my daughter's A1C yesterday.

It was a good 'really.'

It was an absolute surprise.

There was no correlation with the 90 day average on the glucometer.

There was even less correlation with my sense of how things had been going.

With the numbers in front of us, it became a little clearer.

"See here?  The middle of the night numbers are good, and wake-up is good.  She's coming down well after breakfast too.  That shows us that she's spending a great deal of the day in range."

Unfortunately that 'great deal of the day' is not the time I actually spend with her.  From mid-afternoon through the evening, we're battling one 280 after the other, and we're testing constantly.  To me it feels as though she's constantly over 200. Every attempt to reverse course has hit a dead end.

We left the appointment with some new strategies to get the latter part of the day under control too. We have hope that high blood sugars will soon stop haunting our afternoons.

It's easy to beat ourselves up over bumps in the road which is diabetes.  If you're like me, it's then easy to turn these bumps into maddening, anxiety-producing mountains.

The silver lining is that yesterday, I had a very pleasant surprise.


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