Bits And Pieces

I've run across a few bits and pieces on the internet which will, perhaps, be of interest:

Lee Ann Thrill has started the VIAL Project, a website designed for people with type 1 diabetes and mild to severe food and body issues.  If disordered eating and/or body image issues are part of your or your loved one's experience with diabetes, please check this project out.

Tandem Diabetes and JDRF are working together on a new 'dual-chambered' insulin pump, explained nicely here on DiabetesMine.  As I understand it with my limited grasp of things technological, one chamber is for insulin, the other for another pancreas-related hormone such as symlin or glucagon.  I just picked up the glucagon refill and considered again how complicated the mixing of it is, and how terrifying the needle is.  Boy wouldn't a little resevoir of it right in the pump be awesome?  And of course, this is another step towards the closed loop artificial pancreas we're all waiting for.

Lastly, from the 'diabetes role models' department, this was a nice piece about Jay Cutler on Yahoo Sports.  He is the quarterback for the Chicago Bears and a sports hero to many, including Ruby, our stuffed bear with diabetes.

It's encouraging, I think, to learn what people are doing when it comes to diabetes. These three bits represent but a tiny sample of those out there doing their part to help.

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  1. I agree I agree! Premixed glucagon would be such a cool tool! The current kits give me Ye Olde Syringe Boiling/Sharpening Times feeling.