Diabetes Optional

The American Girl Store sells a variety of medical and dental accessories.  Depending on her needs, a doll could have her own allergy-free lunch, a wheelchair, a hearing aid, a retainer, or glasses.  These items allow children to make their dolls a bit more like themselves, or like people they know.
My daughter was perusing the catalog one recent afternoon, dreaming of all the items she'd own if we had a dedicated 'American Girl Wing' in our home.  She was considering whether her doll, Kit, would ever need a wheelchair.
"Maybe some day, they'll make an insulin pump for American Girl dolls," I thought out loud.
The reply was instant and adamant. 
"I wouldn't want one."
A pause. 
Then, "Why would anyone want that?"
"Why not?" I asked. 
"I wouldn't want Kit to have diabetes," was the quick reply.
"No?" I prompted, thinking about how much Kit has in common with my daughter.  She has a ballet outfit, a softball uniform, her own instrument and music stand, and tons of tiny books.
"Can you imagine me telling her she suddenly had diabetes?  She'd be so upset.  I wouldn't want to do that to her.  She wouldn't want to have diabetes."
Of course she wouldn't.  
Indeed, who would?

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  1. Maybe some day, they'll make an insulin pump for American Girl dolls, Cool!


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