Diabetes Art Day

Diabetes Art Day

Diabetes Art Day is THIS MONDAY, February 4th.

Artists in my life have taught me that there is great value in expressing oneself through the visual arts. 

Though the finished product may not be museum quality, the experience of creating is the valuable part.  You'll use parts of your brain you may not ordinarily access.  You may be surprised where the process takes you.

So I encourage you to take a few minutes this weekend, or on Monday, to create art.  It could be a complicated sculpture.  Maybe you'll create a multi-media collage.  Or it could be a simple drawing with pencil and paper when you find a few moments to sit quietly.

Take a photo of your art and follow the link above to share it with the Diabetes Online Community. There you can also see what was created by others who live with diabetes.

You'll be glad you did.

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