Year In Review

The instructions are to pick a first line of a blog entry for each month of 2011.  I've taken the liberty of picking a favorite sentence per month instead, but it's the same idea... a walk through the past year before embarking on the new.

In January, I had no blog, so the sentence will be from my head..."My New Year's Resolution is to start a blog."

February: "Um…well…actually, it’s attached to me. So I don’t think that would work too well, but thank you.”

March:  You've got to love those rare moments when diabetes actually works in your favor!

April: In the long run an educated guess is better than a wild one, and both may be better than denying someone the joy of chocolate rabbit ears.

May: Sometimes it takes me a while to get the sour taste out of my mouth when diabetes throws me for a loop, but if I’m able to make lemonade for my daughter, it’s well worth the effort. 

June: If I’d thought about the note I’d have to send with her and the other preparations involved, I might have decided it was easier to spend the day in an open field in 95 degree heat.

July: Sadly, there’s no way to make the process painless or even remotely pleasant.

August: When I stop to think logically about the 250 test strips I've packed for a 14 day trip, I have a hard time envisioning a situation in which we'd consistently need 17 test strips every day for 2 weeks. 

September: This diabetes thing is a really big deal. Please don't make a really big deal about it.

October: That she recognized these as somewhat bizarre thoughts and took the next step to grab her glucometer is diabetes management gold.

November: "One word I would give to you and your family is HOPE."

December: I remember cookies being foremost on my mind as the childrens' hospital staff confirmed the diagnosis of diabetes on that December day.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!

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