Summer includes a couple of annual trips for our family.  They're simple road trips compared to our international adventure last year.  But there's really nothing simple about traveling with diabetes.

When I stop to think logically about the 250 test strips I've packed for a 14 day trip, I have a hard time envisioning a situation in which we'd consistently need 17 test strips every day for 2 weeks. 

I can't remember the last time we had a glucometer die, yet I've packed 3 "just in case."

While the most it could take is 3 days for the pump company to ship us a new one in case of failure, I've got enough syringes to last a week.

Theoretically, we'd plan on 5 site changes during the trip.  We're prepared for 12.

Contact info for our endocrinologist,  pediatrician, pump company and pharmacy are plugged into my cell phone.  But I also know where the closest branch of our home pharmacy and the local hospital are.  I have printouts of all of our current basal rates, and ratios.

My daughter is just hoping there's still room in the car for her beach toys and her trusty stuffed rabbit!

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