Nine Years

Nine years ago today, I took my first helicopter ride.  It was a gorgeous morning. The views of the coastline and the experience of flying low over the historic city were surreal. I made myself take it all in, purposely storing mental pictures which stay with me today.

I just wish I hadn't been in a medical helicopter, poised to land on the roof of a hospital where I would subsequently spend Christmas week with my child, enrolled in a crash course on diabetes.  In different circumstances, it would've been so much more fun.  Yet somehow I was able to separate myself from the circumstances to savor a few moments of that incredible journey.

This, in my humble opinion, was the right mindset with which to start our journey with diabetes. Though she's not nearly as ill as she was nine years ago today, I'm still worried about my child's health.  All of the time.  But I don't think about it all of the time.  If I did, I'd miss the better parts of life's journey.

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