Thursday, March 31, 2011


Name something you can measure.  What do you measure it with?  How do you go about taking the measurement?
This was homework the other night.  My daughter had to choose 5 types of measurement about which to answer these questions.  She came up with length, weight, distance and temperature; answers most kids would write down.
Her final response, however, was unique:
You can measure blood sugar.
You measure it with a glucometer.
You put a new test strip in the meter.  You poke yourself with a lancet.  Then you squeeze a little blood out of your finger and put it on a test strip.  The meter measures how much sugar is in your blood.

The next day, there was excitement.  "Mommy, guess what?  I won an Einstein award for my glucometer answer!"  This is a prestigious and difficult to earn slip of paper, given for particularly bright and unique answers.   Third graders put them into a hat at the end of the week for a chance to win fabulous prizes such as  bookmarks and erasers.  She was thrilled.
You've got to love those rare moments when diabetes actually works in your favor!


  1. What a great story! My son is 10 and was diagnosed in Dec 2009 and has done that in his class too! You're right the moments are rare but they're there! I love your blog and can relate so much to it so please keep the stories coming :)
    Deborah from Brooklin,Ontario, Canada son Jake diagnosed Dec 21, 2009 type 1

  2. i just found your blog i plan to read along. my son was dx @ 8months, now 18months old. funny how veryyyy occassionally diabetes is useful for something. i used it as an excuse for being late to school and in an entry for a competition to win a prize via a poem. lol.


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