Better Is Better

Inspired by a vlog over on Six Until Me last week, I'll add my voice to the conversation about cycling out of diabetes burnout.

As you all know, we recently visited the endocrinologist and learned that my daughter's A1C had gone up a bit, though not as horribly much as I'd anticipated.  We have been fighting random 300's for a few weeks now.  Her insulin needs seem to be creeping up across the board.  It's a confusing scene.

With so many issues to tackle at once, it's hard to know where to begin.  It's tempting to throw our hands up in the air and give up.  More effective, though, is to pick a bit of the problem and try to solve it.  I picked nights, because I still believe what the first diabetes educator we met told me: "If you can wake up at a decent number, the rest comes easier."

Nights aren't fun to tackle, of course.  There's the concurrent loss of sleep which comes with more frequent blood sugar checks.  There's also the fear of increasing insulin doses too quickly and inducing an overnight low.  In small stages, though, we're getting there.

Her 2 a.m. numbers are more consistently in range than they were a week ago, as are mornings.  The rest of the day is still out of kilter.  But having a handle on two day parts is better than having a handle on none.  And better is better. 

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