The Waiter

We had lunch at our local diner a couple of weeks ago.  My daughter started with a diet soda.  Then she ordered french toast and requested sugar-free syrup.  She tested her blood sugar at the table before she ate.

Near the end of the meal, our waiter approached.  Nodding towards my daughter, he asked, "She has diabetes?" 

"Yes, she does," I replied.  My initial surprise at this seemingly random question quickly dissipated as I thought through what she'd ordered.

"I also have diabetes, " he continued in his thickly accented English.  He proceeded to tell us about being diagnosed 30 years ago, give or take. He was about my daughter's age living in his home country, a then poor and undeveloped place.  He described his mother's tears, and the struggles of his family to obtain for him insulin, glucose monitoring, and medical care. 

"But here I am, thanks God," he continued.  "It's o.k.  You can do it.  You just keep going and take care of it.  You will be fine. See?  I am fine."

Indeed.  We have our moments when it all seems impossible.  Those moments are nothing compared to what this gentleman, and thousands like him have struggled through to manage diabetes in difficult conditions. 

We thanked him for sharing his story with us.  It's one we can return to for a bit of perspective on a seemingly difficult day.

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