Guess The Carbs

Yesterday, we enjoyed the last part of my daughter's birthday celebration, a trip to American Girl Place.

Our afternoon of shopping and exploring the latest dolls and accessories concluded with a late lunch at the store's cafe.  My daughter and her best friend brought their dolls, who sat happily at the table in special booster seats and enjoyed their very own cups of tea.

The four course meal concluded with this dessert trio:

Care to hazard a guess as to the grams of carbohydrate on this plate?

There's no way to tell where I went wrong, but somewhere between the first course of cinnamon buns, the soft pretzels with honey mustard, the chicken tenders with curly fries and a fruit skewer, and the above delicious collection of treats, I did.  By 5 p.m., she'd hit 380. A night of checking and bolusing ensued.  The sheer variety of carb-containing items served, as well as the unheard of consumption of three different dessert items were big contributors to my inability to adequately account for what she ate.

This was a once in a blue moon experience, which my daughter fully enjoyed. In my humble opinion, this celebration was worth the post-meal blood-sugar battle. By midnight, she'd reached the low 200's, and this morning, she was down to 89.  A little hard work and determination solved the problem fairly quickly.

Meanwhile, she and her  best friend will remember their  lunch with Kit Kittredge and Jess forever.

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