Nope, it wasn't the stuffing that got me.  I counted the cranberry bread just fine.  Pecan pie?  No problem.  I'd done my homework and except for the difficulty of adding more and larger numbers of carbohydrate grams than usual, we cruised through Thanksgiving dinner and a few rounds of leftovers fairly smoothly.

Then Sunday morning came the offer of toaster waffles at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I turned to head for the basement freezer to check the value-sized box for a number. 

"Oh...we took them all out of the box.  It's gone."

Maybe it would be in the meter's food bank. 7 inch waffle was right there.  Digging a tape measure out of the kitchen junk drawer, we learned these were 4 1/2 inch waffles.  Hmm.  Too much math for 7 a.m.

Out to the car in his p.j.'s went my husband for the Calorie King book we keep tucked in the door pocket.  Problem solved.

And now I'll probably never forget that 2 of Grandma and Grandpa's freezer waffles are 27 carbs.

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  1. Gah! Hate it when that happens.

    If you have an iPhone, download the free CalorieKing app. It's great :)


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