I am decidedly not thankful for diabetes.  It's an awful disease which negatively impacts my child and my family in many ways.  However, on this day, we're called to be thankful for things.  So here, in no particular order, is my list of diabetes-related things for which I am thankful.

1. People with diabetes.  We've met so many incredible people in the past 9 years, who we would not otherwise have had reason to know or to grow close to.  We would have missed out on some great friendships.

2. Insulin.  Insulin is not a cure.  It can, in fact, be a fairly dangerous treatment.  However, without it we would not currently have a beautiful, busy, happy child.

3. Technology.  Looking back even 15 years, the fact that my child has a glucometer which communicates with her insulin pump, contains a carbohydrate list, and can graph her blood sugar log is amazing.

4. Research Towards A Cure.  No, there wasn't a cure in 5 years as origionally promised.  But the progress over the past 10, particularly on the technology end, has been quite encouraging.

5. Medical Care.  I don't know if it's been our geographical locations or just great luck, but we've worked with the kindest and most competent endocrinologists and certified diabetes educators around.

6. The Internet.  Access to Children With Diabetes, JDRF, and a wide variety of blogs certainly lessens the feeling of isolation, and provides care ideas and perspectives to consider with our medical team.

7. Accessories.  Any parent of a girl will tell you the value of accessories, and with diabetes it's no different.  The choices of pump packs, infusion set colors, and medic-alert bracelets adds a bit of color to a dreary diabetes day.

8. Juice Boxes.  Clifford juice, Ernie and Bert Juice, Juicy doesn't matter.  A measured low blood sugar treatment, complete with straw, makes things much easier.

9. My Child.  Nature or nurture?  Probably some of each, but this kid puts up with diabetes' shenanigans with such maturity and grace, it puts most of us to shame in how we deal with obstacles in our lives.  I know...the teenage years are ahead of me. But for right now, I find her amazing, and there are countless reasons why I am thankful for her.

10. Carbohydrate Counting.  Last, but not least on this particular day, I'm grateful to be able to count carbohydrates and deliver insulin accordingly.  We may not always do it perfectly, but it's hard to imagine limiting my child to one starch choice at Thanksgiving dinner.  Would it be the potatoes? Stuffing?  Cranberry bread?  Winter Squash?  Crescent rolls? 

Well, maybe on a day such as today I'm also thankful for the correction bolus.  It's like having an eraser when taking the math test which is our Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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