There's tired, and then there's diabetes tired.  The tired in our family comes in parent and child forms.

We experienced both at our house today.  Up at 2, I discovered a low blood sugar.  I gave my daughter a juice box, and was up again in a while to check.  I awoke once again around 5 a.m., and while I ordinarily might have rolled over and dozed off again, I wondered instead.  What if she was low again?  Or really high? If I checked her, would I wake her up for the day?  What if I didn't check and she was dangerously low?  There was no choice to but to get up.  She was fine, but by then I was wide awake.

I noticed my daughter was particularly tired before dinner tonight.  "What wore you out?" I asked. 

"I don't know...just a long day, I guess." 

Then I remembered the overnight blood sugar of 60, with an eventual climb to 280.  An aggressive correction plummeted her back to juice box numbers at school before eventually evening out.  That'll take a lot out of a person, I hear.

We can only hope for a turkey-induced nap in the near future.

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