Diabetes exists, and we'd rather it didn't anymore.  Please be aware of that.

I intend to visit the idea of awareness in a few different ways during this magical month of November. The above words, from a post I wrote back in 2011, sum up my sense that there are many different aspects of diabetes to raise awareness about and many different ways to do so. The rest of the piece is below:

I've read a couple of pieces this week discussing what the purpose of diabetes awareness month should be.  Awareness is the obvious answer, but awareness of what?

Should it be awareness that people with diabetes can do anything people without diabetes can?  No foods are forbidden. There are famous athletes, musicians, and supreme court justices with diabetes.  My kid can come to your kid's birthday party, whatever it may entail.

Should it be  awareness that diabetes is a terrible disease to live with?  It involves piercing the skin with sharp objects many times per day.  Cumbersome equipment and its related management is a constant.  Scary complications up to and including early death are real possibilities.

Should it be advocacy for a cure?  Don't cut national funding for medical research.  Allow scientists to use all the tools at their disposal to find a way to erase diabetes.  Donate to JDRF or DRI or ADA.

Should it be an increased sense of community?  Wear blue on Fridays. Make plans to attend Friends for Life or go to a local JDRF event. Blog more.

Or is it simpler than all that?  Maybe any of the above will do.  Whatever it is that means the most to me, or you, is what we should do.  The important part is not how we share the message, but that we do it at all. 

Diabetes exists, and we'd rather it didn't anymore.  Please be aware of that.

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  1. I wish it did not exist. In fact mine is for sale. I am offering money for someone to take it. So far no takers at $300.00



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