Every Day is Healthy Lunch Day

Yesterday was National Healthy Lunch Day, a diabetes awareness month event sponsored by the American Diabetes Association.  I spent yesterday morning largely off-line, so by the time I saw the e-mail inviting me to participate I was halfway through my lunch and my daughter's had been at the high school for hours.

Fortunately, almost every day is healthy lunch day in our house, so I bring you today's school lunch:

A variation on this theme goes to school with my daughter every day in our ragtag collection of reusable containers.  Today's sandwich is PB&J with natural peanut butter and low-sugar spiced pear jam. Grapes are today's fruit choice, and she'll have salt and pepper popped rice crisps for the crunchy course. The muffin of the day is apple and pear. 

All packed up and ready to go, with a note reading, "68 g." 


  1. Great lunch is one of the terrific parts of going to school. I really enjoyed the wonderful post.

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  2. This seems a healthy lunch for school going children. Thanks for sharing it.


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