Thanksgiving weekend was great. We had family travel to spend the weekend with us. We hosted the meal. We enjoyed leftovers, played board games and took some long walks.

Diabetes-wise? It wasn't great. The Dexcom beeped all weekend, mostly for high blood sugars. There was a 'FALLING' alarm each time we set out for a walk, as though all of the insulin delivered over the previous hours had pooled, waiting for the slightest movement to activate all at once. And there was a mysterious low after the Thanksgiving Day pie:


The leftovers are mostly gone now and the routine has returned to the usual school day schedule. Blood sugars are coming back into range.

We decided long ago, the first time we vacationed with diabetes, that special occasions warranted a loosening of diabetes perfectionism. This doesn't mean we don't correct highs and treat lows. It doesn't mean that we stop trying to count carbs altogether. It doesn't mean that we don't use the tools and tricks in our arsenal to attempt to keep things on as even a keel as possible. It simply means that we accept the inevitability of wider swings in blood sugars because of the change in routine and eating patterns. It means we take a deep breath and don't freak out over every out of range number. It means that we focus on the diabetes to the extent we need to in order to keep my daughter feeling good. Beyond that, we focus on the fun. Not medical advice, I'm sure, but it's a philosophy that keeps us sane so that we can enjoy the special occasions in life.

Which is why I can say that, despite the incessant beeping, Thanksgiving weekend was great.

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  1. I have the same issue. It never fails.

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