Share Scare

Marching band practice started at 6:30.  Soon thereafter my phone started emitting a sound alarmingly similar to a fire alarm in a large building.  I grabbed it and discovered this:

I don't text my daughter for moderate lows in the 60's range. Those I trust she can handle just fine on her own, just like she did 3 weeks ago before we had this technology.  The same is true, so far at least, for any issues at school.  She's got teachers, friends, and a school nurse there to help her. 
But this was unsettling.  The band was outside.  It was getting dark.  What if she'd stepped aside to check and nobody noticed her?  I texted:
My phone is alarming about this low...assume you're treating it?
Five minutes passed with no response. It felt like 15. The next time the number updated it was 46, still straight across. I could hear the band from the high school, just up the hill from our house. I texted again:
A few more minutes passed and another glance at my phone showed me this disconcerting screen:

As the minutes continued to creep by with no return text, I considered all kinds of possibilities. Was she:
Keeled over in the dark on the sidelines somewhere far away from her phone and supplies?
Being taken care of by a responsible adult somewhere not near her bag?
Still marching, unaware she was this low?
Perfectly fine and wearing a 12 day old Dexcom sensor that was giving flaky information?
I started to gather my shoes and my jacket.  How long was it okay to wait before going?  How horrified would she be if I showed up there and it was a false alarm?  What if I didn't go and it wasn't a false alarm?  A few more minutes passed as my thoughts swirled. I decided to wait it out until 7:30 when I was planning to leave the house for a meeting anyway.  I'd just casually drive by on the way...even though it wasn't on the way at all. 
But then, finally ... a text!
I was actually 79.  Drank a juice and kept marching.
We're finding lots of reasons to love the 'share' technology.  This evening of scary misinformation wasn't one of them.

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