Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes,

Please stop.

You have had your fun.  Now please leave us alone. 

The blood sugar of 400 after dinner was sarcastic, no?  Yes, we forgot to bolus for the little baked potato until after it had been eaten, but a bg that high for maybe 15 missed carbs?  Get a grip.

Then you showed up at gym the next morning.  You and gym had finally started to get along I thought.  But you threw in a random 40 to start the day. Why? 

Oh- yes.  I remember.  So that my kid could have a moment to ask the nurse about the next day's standardized testing plans.  Where would she be taking it?  What were the accommodations for you, diabetes? This question ended in a lunchtime meeting with the guidance counselor, a series of emails and still no firm answer.  We'll have to go with the flow for this one it seems, partly my fault for not taking note this test was coming and asking earlier. But we would've gone with the flow anyway, without having the opportunity to ask the question and waste an hour of the day with stressful communication about the answer.

As if the testing question fiasco weren't enough, the low also resulted in missing most of Spanish class, where the assignment to do a project on a famous Hispanic person was handed out.  By the time she got back to the classroom Big Papi and Freda Kahlo, her first choices, had been taken.  She chose Pedro Martinez, but while the choices on the original list included links to articles in Spanish to work from, that wasn't the case for off-the-list options.  So while the class had the opportunity to complete most of the initial portion of the project in class, my daughter spent an hour at home finding an article in Spanish about Pedro and answering questions.  On a night she was supposed to have no homework due to the aforementioned tests.

Diabetes, we've had enough.  We see you.  We hear you.  We feel you.  We get it.  You've got power to derail any day you want to.  And you did.  You won the day.  Please go somewhere else to celebrate.



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