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Yesterday was the day for 'Continuing Connections' to conclude Diabetes Blog Week.  My delay is two fold:

Yesterday got away from me- it was a gorgeous Sunday packed with activities.

Secondly, and more to the point, I always have a hard time with this d-blog week topic.  I'm never able to read everything and therefore fear that my REAL favorite is still lurking somewhere on a link list waiting to be read.  I also don't want to leave anyone out who I've discovered or particularly enjoyed this week. Narrowing it down is difficult.

But narrow it down I will, to my two favorites from the Diabetes Personified category.  Both are from blogs I hadn't seen before.

From Bustin' Diabetes For Justin, Justin's own picture of diabetes was excellent.  And I love that his mom shared Justin's own words to go with it.  Diabetes is, indeed, "a poop head evil jerk."

Sweet and Sour- The Type 1 Diabetes Roller Coaster compares her diabetes to Moaning Myrtle of Harry Potter fame.   I like the thought that despite all of  Myrtle's faults, there are things we learn to like about her.

To see other bloggers' favorites, click HERE for the link list!

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