It's Nurses Week

This is week is Nurses Week and tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6th, is National Nurses Day.

If you have a school aged child with diabetes who is fortunate enough to have a nurse available at school, this is a good time to say 'thank you.'

Whether you love your school nurse like family, are simply grateful for her presence in case of emergency, or even if you sometimes have trouble seeing eye to eye, a little act of kindness is in order this week.

We've always given flowers.  Sometimes a few from our own garden, sometimes a bouquet from the grocery store, and to one nurse with a green thumb, we gave a pack of seedlings to plant in her patio pots. The flowers are always accompanied by a short note from our family, thanking the nurse for being there for our child.

It doesn't really matter what you do. I know other families who give a box of tea, a coffee gift card in a token amount, or a pleasantly scented bottle of hand sanitizer.  Maybe you're crafty, or maybe you and your child will bake something.  Maybe all your nurse wants or needs is your child's artwork to decorate her office with.

Whatever you choose, a little 'thank you' can go a long way when you have as thankless a job as many school nurses do.

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