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This is one of our protein-containing, 5+ grams of fiber cereal choices which somewhat diminish the post-breakfast blood sugar spike.  
More excitingly, I bought a whole pint (well, several pints actually) of blueberries for less than one million dollars this week!!!


Sunflower butter to protect her peanut-free friends at lunch, with great grandma's homemade spiced pear jam, which she makes special with less sugar just for my daughter.  With an occasional substitution of pretzels or sun chips, this is lunch every day.   


Snack varies every day.  Sometimes it's more substantial, like a smoothie or peanut butter crackers.  But today she's saving room for Grandpa's birthday dinner.


I'll smash up half a sleeve of townhouse (ritz, etc. are all fine) and mix them with 3-4 tbs. of melted butter.  I might remember to squeeze in some lemon juice and add some pepper.  The fish goes in a greased (or better yet, buttered) glass baking dish.  The cracker mixture is spread on top.  Bake at 400 for 10-15 min. until it's flaky.  Yum!

We've nicknamed this rice blend 'crazy rice,' at our house.  It's got tons of flavor and a variety of textures.  Much more fun than regular brown rice.

Grandpa's Birthday Cake

I know- all kinds of problems with this.  Its's processed beyond belief.  It contains artificial everything.  The glycemic index is off the charts.
But it's Grandpa's favorite, and a family tradition.  So we'll indulge!

Food is one of my favorite topics to read, think and talk about.  So I, for one, am looking forward to reading the rest of today's Diabetes Blog Week posts which can be found HERE!


  1. I've never even seen an orange cake! I hope you have a great party with your Grandpa.

    I loved seeing your food.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Nothing wrong with enjoying some cake - Happy birthday Grandpa!

  3. Happy birthday, Grandpa! :)


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