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The bloody tissues are the grossest part.  

There are always used test strips in the bottom despite the designated tic-tac container in which to stash them.  

I'm not sure how long that half roll of smarties has been in there.

But this is a snapshot of the meter case in all its typical glory.

Why does it stay this way?  Why are we keeping all of this trash in here?  Because testing is among the least interesting parts of the day.  Meter, test strip, lancet, blood, tissue, number, go.  It's time to eat, or head to volleyball practice, or go back to whatever was happening before the Dexcom alarmed.

We typically don't clean it out until  the mess diminishes its functionality.  Or until there's an impending risk of dumping test strips all over the floor of a friend's house or a fancy restaurant.

Otherwise, I sort of see this mess as a good thing.  It means we have better things to do than tidy up the meter case.  It means we have better things to do than worry about diabetes for a second longer than we have to.

It's an excellent excuse anyway.

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  1. My boys meter bags were always messy and after years they were falling apart. Bought them new foldable cases and they hate them because they are too hard to make dirty because if the items aren't in the correct spot, it won't close. We do have better things to do rather than stopping to check their blood sugar but, it is the only thing that two boys can keep clean.

  2. Love this! My son used to make it a goal to save all of his dead test strips in his book bag. At the end of the school year, it was like medical confetti that would pour out with this old notebooks :)

  3. Love this.. kinda looks like my sons although his is not gross with tissues but he wipes his finger on his d bag lol


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