My daughter took this picture from her kayak last weekend:

The outing was made possible by Ziploc bags.
It's unlikely that our kayaks will get swamped or tipped on this calm pond.  More of a threat are the drips from the paddles, and the wet feet going in and out of the boat. 
One gallon sized bag holds the meter, glucose tabs, a juice box and a small snack.  It will also hold a small camera.
Circling the pond can take a couple of hours, depending on how many frogs, turtles or loons we need to stop and watch, or how long we stop in the shallows to chase polliwogs.

Knowing the diabetes essentials are dry and at the ready allows us to, for the most part, forget about them and enjoy the water.

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  1. Lovely picture! Makes me want to get out in my kayak (with my ziplock bags, of course. hehe!).


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