An Ice Cream-Free Heat Wave

It's been HOT here for a week and we're reaching the end of our list of coping mechanisms.  The town pool has gone from refreshing to soupy.  The mall was fun once.  We finished the jigsaw puzzle.  We read entire books during our visit to the library. 

Food-wise, we've grilled and crock-potted.  We've enjoyed salads, partly from our little garden, and we've consumed lots of summer fruits.  The slushie magic I picked up at a steep discount as a site change prize incentive has seen a lot of action.

Frozen fruit bars and even mediocre popsicles made from low-carb gatorade have made refreshing treats.  Yet what would really taste good is a nice cone of ice cream. 

Sadly, that's where we've hit a dead end. My daughter's lactose intolerance has chosen now to flare up.

With good reason, I guess.  We were traveling the weekend before last, and didn't put the pieces together until it was too late.  The day started with cereal with regular milk. Lunch was a bowl of new england clam chowder (her favorite). Dinner was pizza.  Despite the little lactaid tablets, this was too much for her system.  It was way more than the one or two small servings per day she was used to.

The dairy binge was followed by several days of feeling decidedly awful and subsequent days worrying about whether the discomfort had gone away for good.

She went at least a week completely dairy free.  She's since had a sprinkle of cheese on a taco and a couple of other negligible bits of dairy products.  Yet she's (understandably) nervous about trying anything more yet.

So we're sampling treats like sorbet in ice cream cones (really, really sticky), and almond milk smoothies ("whatever you put almond milk in, the whole thing just tastes like almond milk").

I'm not much of a complainer, or dweller on negative things.  But a heat wave without an ice cream cone outing is making me a little sad. 

Since I feel compelled to find a bright side, not dealing with ice-cream's all night blood sugar revenge is a huge plus.  While a sweet sorbet will cause a spike, it gets itself out of the way pretty quickly. 


  1. It's so hot. The WHOLE ATLANTIC OCEAN is even all soupy.

    Has your daughter tried the refrigerated coconut milk? I buy vanilla/unsweetened. That's what I use in our smoothies. The half coconut/half almond one is nice too. It doesn't coat the back of my throat like almond milk. We also really like the So Delicious brand of coconut milk ice creams (scoopable, sandwiches...)

    I'm behind in my reading. For all I know, your previous post was about your daughter's coconut allergy. If that's the case, sorry!

  2. Whole alternate milk universe is brand new. Will try coconut next. I fail to understand why these milks seem to only come in enormous containers?
    Thanks for the suggestions. Keep cool if you can!

  3. Soy ice-cream & coconut ice-cream are both really popular in our house when our girl's lactose intolerance flares up. Both come in some wonderful flavored and the chocolate of both varieties is our favorite!!


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