What follows are a few recent every-day moments made possible by diabetes:

I received a voice mail from a diabetes supply company about a bill.  When I returned the call and stated I had not received an invoice for the bill in question, the representative responded by asking me for the invoice number about which I was calling.  This went on for about 3 rounds before we got any further.

I attracted significant attention at a social event by holding an enormous Costco-sized tin of cookies over my head to read the carbohydrate information printed, inconveniently, on the bottom.

My daughter supplied the words for a Mad Lib which described the demise of dinosaurs this way: "Scientists think a giant trophy fell from space, creating a nutty wave of insulin and dust which destroyed these magnificent creatures."  This was followed by a discussion of how the dinosaurs would have slowly all passed out from low blood sugars en route to their demise. Which raised questions regarding whether dinosaurs were naturally insulin-dependent in the first place.

Unisolve saved the day once again.  It's perfect for removing pine pitch from one's fingers.

Those moments when diabetes' presence can amuse, or even assist, are refreshing.

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