Everybody's Different

Sometimes I feel as though we're the only family who does not yet use a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.  Though we're inching closer.

If not, then I'm certaily the only parent of a child with diabetes who has not read and highlighted every one of Gary Schneider's books.

Unless we're battling something significant or dangerous, I don't stay up all night checking blood sugars. If my daughter's number is 200 at 2 a.m., I'll give a small correction and go back to sleep. Shhh.

Does anyone else out there feed their child (gasp!) cereal in the morning?

Are we the only family who's never been to Friends For Life?

I'm guessing I'm not alone.  Everybody's different.  It's what makes the world go 'round, in a general sense for sure.  It's what makes the diabetes blogosphere so great too.  We read eachother's opinions.  Sometimes we find soulmates who are quite like us.  Sometimes we get talked into trying a new tactic, or file an idea away for a particular situation.  Sometimes we're left scratching our heads.  But it's all good because regardless, we're made better by sharing our thoughts and ideas with eachother.

It's 'leave a comment day' in the diabetes blogosphere. If you identify with any of the above, leave a comment and let me know I'm not alone.  If you think I'd be better off for changing my ways, let me know that too.  I know you'll be nice about it.  Or do you have thoughts about how our differences make the blogging world better? Or if that's all too much, just tell me your favorite summer beverage...that's easy, no? Whatever it is, bring it on.  I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts!


  1. I do love finding other d-bloggers who are just like me, because it makes me feel less alone. But I also love finding other d-bloggers who are different from me, because it gives me a different perspective to contemplate. And also often teaches me something new. So yes, I'm right there with you!!

  2. I think the diversity in the diabetes community is part of what makes it so wonderful. :-)

  3. My rigidity comes from having no ear for diabetes. I feel totally tone deaf. I think people who *do* have cereal in the home, sleep at night, etc. likely have better natural skills. Rigidity is like training wheels. You don't need them!

    I hope to outgrow them.

    Actually, I'd go to sleep after the 2AM correction too. With the Dexcom on vibrate on my pillow, pressed right beside my face.

  4. We're with you (well, we're with everyone! but we don't have a CGM yet, either--a year and a half in, and my son's still pretty sure he doesn't even want a pump; MDI are fine with him). And I know what they say, but diabetes camp doesn't sound like fun to any of us.

  5. I think that's part of the learning. Knowing that each of us deals with this in a different way that works for us/me.

  6. about the drinks - my daughter likes places with the new Coke machines with 100+ choices, many of them diet!

  7. Well most importantly my favorite summer beverage is an Arnold Palmer. Nothing better on a hot day!
    And I totally agree that reading what others do makes me better. It's so great to have an arsenal of options when the one I have been using isn't working anymore. I love the online community! I can't imagine going through this 15+ years ago all alone.

  8. Cereal for sure here - though as I keep trying to phase it out, the kids then convince Dad to buy it. We haven't even gotten to a pump yet and only been one small diabetes function where I felt like a fish-out-of-water. But we are only months past diagnosis, so time will change things...


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