To Go or Not To Go?

One Friday night, my daughter went to a school-sponsored event with her friends.  It was a two hour talent show in the school auditorium.  The auditorium is by far the hottest room in the school and it had been in the 90's for days.  There was no audition for the talent show, so there was sure to be a wide range of 'talent' represented.  There would be 200 or so middle-schoolers 'cheering' for their friends at the top of their lungs.

I still wanted to go.

My daughter did not want me to go.

"Nobody else's parents are going."  This turned out to be a bit of a stretch, but much truer than I had assumed it was.

I spent the day weighing out the situation.  As far as I knew there was no food involved.  She would have just eaten dinner.  I could make something familiar and decrease the risk factors for a low.  She'd have her phone with her. She was going with a group of friends, who would also have their phones with them.  She'd been to plenty of other things without me, but somehow this one felt different.

The concern was similar to the movie theater birthday party, where she was with people she knew, but all eyes were focused elsewhere.  If she started to show symptoms of being low, would anyone notice?  Would she be so distracted by the show that she wouldn't notice?  These concerns were compounded by knowing that while there would be teachers there, they weren't going to have their focus on her.

The end result?  I let her go with her friends.  I sat in the parking area until I saw them enter the building.  I texted her just before the show was to start, under the auspices of finding out if they got good seats.  I went home and cleaned the kitchen.  I met a friend at a local (read within sight of the school) pub for a glass of wine.  I picked her up at 9 and she came out hot, but happy.

In the end? I'm glad I didn't go.


  1. Oh good for you. So encouraging to hear how you made it work - both for you and your daughter. It makes my heart race fast just considering things like this. But my son's diagnosis is still a new thing for us, so I'm taking things slowly.


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