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My daughter recently attended a 'dinner and a movie' birthday party.  They first spent an hour at the birthday girl's house, with chips and chatting.  The next stop was the theater, inclusive of popcorn.  The evening concluded at a pizza parlor. 

Below is a transcript of the evening's texts:

Her: 169 bolused all of it w/popcorn (Before the party, we had discussed a carb count for this theater's smallest popcorn.)

Me: Ok. Have fun.

Her: luv u!!!

Me (smiling): Luv u too.  If u feel funny during movie check. If u can't see and need to go out, ask someone to come with you.(2 hours in a dark room where nobody was paying attention to her made me a bit nervous. Her alone in the lobby of the movie theater...ditto.)

Her:  kk (Why does this now mean 'o.k.?')

Her: (2 very long hrs. later) 226 pizza coming soon

Me: Ok 35 per slice unless it seems thin, then 30.  Add bg.  Hope you're having fun. (It was a new-to-us pizza place, but pizza in the web picture appeared avg. not too doughy.)

Her: kk i will bolus soon

Her: how many carbs is a small garlic knot?

Me: (clueless) I'll guess 5 ;-) (disclaimer...this remains a completely random guess and is most likely quite inaccurate.)

Her: luv u (even nicer than 'thank you!')

Her: how many carbs is a piece of ice cream cake?

Me: I don't know how big???  Guess 35? (I knew she was coming straight home, allowing for post-cake damage control.) (Disclaimer: did not see ice cream cake coming as the birthday-girl is a professed brownie-lover and all logic led us to assume brownies would be served.)

Her: kk

By the time she got home, she was 218, tired, and happy. Her ability to participate in social events on her own makes me thankful for the technology we have for communication,  internet research, and diabetes management.  Looking ahead at those dreaded teen years, I hope she continues to realize that her responsible use of these tools allows her to go out and have a safe, fun night with her friends. 

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  1. Such a great feeling when they are old enough to attend a party on their own and do own boluses, using text for questions. I am ever so grateful for cell phones :)


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