Wordless Wednesday: The Glucagon Edition

Note the expiration dates.

I picked these up on the same day at the same pharmacy.

It's the same scenario every time I refill the glucagon there.

Every kit we have expires in a different month (or year).

I can barely keep track of when we last did site change.  How am I supposed to remember when to replace these?!


  1. Ugh! This surprises me. I think I'd probably return them and ask for whichever two they have that are the freshest.

    Another hard thing to remember is changing the caps on the pump. Every 6 months? Every 3 months?

    1. I'm beginning to think I'm the only one who fills them there and so I get whatever they have.

      Having recently been on hold forever, the battery cap replacement timeframe of 6 months is fresh in my head. Now I probably should do something about it.