Upping The Ante

It's summer music time again.  This nurse-free program offers music activities every morning through July, with instrumental and choral fun.  I've come a long way since the first year she went.  I've even accepted the chaos which is the last day's honestly advertised 'Junk Food Fest.'

This year my daughter asked to add on the musical theater part of the program.  We've seen these musicals each year and they're amazing, and particularly so considering they're put together over the course of only 4 weeks.  She really enjoyed her theater experience at school this year. The only reason to say 'no' was diabetes anxiety, but our household's policy states that diabetes is not a good enough reason to say 'no' to anything.  So I signed her up.

Here's the thing: she's now at this program from 8:30-2:30 with nobody to help her with diabetes stuff.  The staff know she has diabetes, as do a couple of friends there, but the responsibility for checking, treating, and bolusing is on her.  It's a big responsibility. 

We've set up a system, of course.  She texts me when she checks mid-morning, and again at lunchtime.  I text back any advice.  Her lunch carbs are written down for her.  I can be at the school where the program is held within 5 minutes if I need to be.

This situation seems, at times, perfectly reasonable.  I'm not asking her to do anything that she doesn't ordinarly do on her own at home.  I am always but a call or a text away if she needs help.  She's proven herself responsible in the past, so I trust that she will do what she needs to do.

Yet somehow in the back of my mind (or in the pit of my stomach), I can't help feeling like I've bet it all on black.

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