Thoughts From The Middle Of The Night


2 a.m. on a night in May:

Alarm.'s really hot in here.

Is it still raining?

I'll crack the window before I go check her.

Do I hear birds?

Flashlight, meter, lancet, where are the test they are.'s hot in here too.

Ugh.  302???   New pasta brand?  The heat?  Please don't be getting sick.  Correct.

I'll crack her window too.

I need to reset my alarm and make sure she goes down.

Those birds are really loud.  What are they doing up at 2 a.m.?  I think I hear more than one kind.  Maybe there's an owl.

I can't fall back to sleep.  Those birds are noisy.  Are there some kind of nocturnal birds?  I don't remember ever hearing about that.  Or is it just somehow close enough to day that they're getting up?

It's been 45 minutes...I guess I'll just go check again.  230 with plenty on board.  Good enough for me.  Her room feels much cooler.  Why isn't mine cooling off?  I'll shut off the alarm.

Owl calls.  I know I've heard them, but I can't be sure any of these are owls.  Maybe I'll have learn more about owls...

In the light of day, I decided to find out more about night singers.  Audobon informs me that mockingbirds sing at night during mating season.  They're also known for mimicking a variety of bird sounds as well as other noises, so that would account for the diversity in last night's concert program.   I continued on to listen to some owl calls here but I can't be sure.  We do have a patch of woods within a block of our house, and from local nature center visits and a recent family birding walk, I know there are owls in the area.  Working on my owl identification skills will lend new excitement to 2 a.m. blood sugar checks.   It's good to have things to look forward to.

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  1. "230 with plenty on board. Good enough for me." <---this is how I learn how to be! I never really know when my obligation ends. I mean, I know it ends at my grave, but this helps me feel ok about falling back to sleep in an on-the-way-down-active-insulin scenario.

    Hope you sleep through the loud bird show tonight.


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