A Pharmacy Story

I called the pharmacy on Monday to refill prescriptions.  In a rare moment of organization I checked the Lantus we keep for emergencies and noticed that it had expired.  The automated system told me that the prescription itself had expired and I ended up speaking with a pharmacist.  She said they'd call the doctor's office for the Lantus. 

She then informed me that we could only get 4 vials of Novalog instead of the usual 6 for a three month supply.  She attempted to explain the situation.  The conversation became very convoluted and in order to end it I agreed to accept the 4 vials. An endo appointment is in our near future and I figured we'd start fresh with a new prescription then.

On Tuesday I stopped in to pick up my prescriptions.  I gave my daughter's name to the pharmacy tech, who knows me well.  "Are you looking for the Lantus?"

"Lantus and Novalog today," I replied.

"I see they're still waiting for a call back from the doctor for the Lantus.  The Novalog isn't in here at all." 

I smiled broadly and kindly, because what else was there to do, and said, "The Novalog's the one I really need."  She went to the other computer station to submit the refill, and came back over.

"It says you only have two vials left on the prescription."

"Hmm...yesterday I was told it was four." 

"I'm sorry...it looks like only two."

"Fine.  I can get a new prescription in a couple of weeks anyway.  I'll take the two and regroup next time."

So I waited, picking up a few additional items including what I figured was a much deserved Twix bar.

When my name was called, the original tech rang up my items and handed me a pharmacy bag with six (6?) vials of Novalog in it.  I tucked it in with the rest of my items and returned home to restock the butter compartment. 

Today's task is to call the pump supply company to reiterate my daughter's desire for blue sets instead of the pink which mysteriously reappeared in the most recent shipment.  Will the stars align twice in one week?

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  1. Things like this happen at my pharmacy all of the time!

    I'm grateful for the reminder to check the expiration date on the emergency Lantus.

    This week I went to pick up refills at CVS and realized I didn't need A n Y t H i N g. I asked the pharmacist to read me the list of all of the things we were eligible to refill.

    Now I'm afraid the honchos will realize I'm not keeping up the pace.

    Good luck with the blue sets!!


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