Diabetes Blog Week

It's not easy to travel with diabetes, but it sure beats staying home!

For today's photo-based topic, I've put together a few travel shots:


Washington, DC

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ithaca, NY




The Woods of New Hampshire

File:Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in Florida.jpg
Disney World!

Diabetes would prefer to stay home, but it doesn't get a vote in our family!


  1. Last year we took our 3 year old t1 and 9 month old to Portugal. Elise was still on shots (NPH, no less), and everyone thought we were crazy (including me!). But we did it and 1 year later Elise is still talking about how fun it was.

    Love the theme!

  2. Diabetes is heading to Disney next summer with our family, too... whoo hoo!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your photos. I want to travel with your family! How awesome that you go to all these places and don't let diabetes stop you.


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