One Step At A Time

It's that time of year again.  Every school day involves a different extra activity which requires special clothes, shoes, or something to be remembered in the backpack.  Every afternoon involves a softball game, important pre-recital piano lesson, final ballet class, or end-of-the-year girl scout activity.  The weekends are a blur. 

Which is how we ended up doing site change in two parts yesterday.

We change the infusion site for my daughter's pump every 3 days at the most.  Yesterday was the day.  Ordinarily we do it in the late afternoon, before dinner.  .

Yesterday morning, though, when I went to bolus breakfast, I saw the low battery icon and realized it had been there for a couple of days.  I remembered the walking trip to the high school to prepare for the all district band concert.  I imagined the chaos which would ensue if the battery alarm were to go off there.  It would be to difficult resolve the problem since there's only a 30 minute window to install a new battery before the pump stops delivering.  It was a potential problem which could be avoided.

So yesterday morning while she took the shower she should have taken Monday night, I changed the pump battery and put in a new cartridge of insulin.  By the time she was out of the shower with dripping hair, it was about time to leave for school.  So we plugged the newly refreshed pump into the old site, blow-dried the hair, and she went off to school.

When she came home, we popped in a new site before she changed for the band concert.  The band show was excellent, and even better without the addition of the 'Mexican Hat Dance' pump alarm tune during either the rehearsal or the concert.

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