Questions and Answers

She has diabetes.
Type 1, not type 2.
The crying and puking
Gave us our first clue.

She must stop and check
Eight times every day. most certainly
Gets in the way.

That thing on her back?
Or in her left pocket?
An insulin pump.
Not a launch for a rocket.

So all that technology -
It must be a perk?
But yet it takes three of us
To make it all work.

Her pancreas is broken.
It cannot be fixed,
But that doesn't mean that
All sugar is nixed.

The cupcake? The pizza?
Yes, she can eat it.
With insulin and vigilance,
Surely, we'll beat it.

Daytime and night time
The hours between.
Is she high is she low?
Have the carbs all been seen?

The questions - keep asking
But pretty please know
Diabetes is with us
Wherever we go.

Until there's a cure
It won't go away.
It's a primary part of
Each night and each day.

This one falls somewhere between 'what they should know Friday,' and the 'creativity wildcard' prompts for:

Diabetes Blog Week

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