Now We Know

My daughter finally got her flu shot the other day.  "Finally" is definitely my characterization, not hers.  There was no eager anticipation on her part, though she was a good sport about it.

There are still, even after nearly 10 years, many diabetes moments which leave us scratching our heads.  This day reminded me, though, of how much we've learned over the years.  We've lived through the havoc of time changes, both daylight-savings and travel related.  We've handled swimming, hiking and softball.  We know what happens after she eats pizza, ice cream and cake.  While we don't suggest eating them all in one sitting, we even have a somewhat effective game plan to manage blood sugars if she does.

When you think about it, the post flu shot high is actually pretty logical compared to some of diabetes' other tricks.  Her body is fighting off the little bit of flu strain in order to create immunity.  Same idea as the highs we see when she's sick

Each year, our pediatrician mentions, "You know...this could throw her blood sugars off for a while...keep an eye on it."  Each year it impresses me that he thinks of it. 

If only he had warned us about bagels.

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