The Infusion Set Review

We’ve used the new infusion set twice now and the reviews are positive!  The first time we used one, my daughter actually uttered the words, “I like it, Mommy.”   For a mechanism containing a spring-loaded needle I’d call that high praise indeed.

What is there to like about it? 

It’s much faster.  With the inserter, the site pops right in.  When I do it by hand, I take my time, making sure the angle is correct and that my hands are steady.

The speed with which it’s inserted decreases the pain.  The painful part is the insertion of the needle.  Even though the needle must stay in for a few seconds while tape is secured, once it’s all the way in it no longer hurts, at least not much.  She still says “ouch” when it goes in, but it’s quieter.

The connection between the tubing and the site works either way.  On our old sites, the connector on the tubing could only fit into the site with the smooth side up.  This was not usually a big deal, but at the pool or beach when trying to reconnect underneath a bathing suit it was inconvenient.  Add an impatient child, glaring sun, or blowing sand and it became near impossible.  This one pops in either way.

Last thing to like, but not least if you’re a 9 year old girl, is that it comes in a variety of colors.  The plastic part stuck to her skin, and the end of the tubing are available in pink, blue, green or grey.  She wants pink because it will match her pump but is considering writing the company to request they make more choices.  Orange is her favorite color and an orange site would be very cool, she thinks.

So we’ve ordered a shipment of new sites.  I’m not sure how to fit them in my closet, but it’s worth the effort.   Anything to make site change a more pleasant experience is well worth it!

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