The Closet

The Closet
When we were house hunting last year, there were many features we wanted in a home.  A nice neighborhood was important to us.  Move-in condition was key.  A fireplace was attractive, particularly to my daughter who realized that, for the first time in her life, Santa would be able to enter her house in the traditional manner.  When we toured our current home, it quickly felt right for us.
When we got to the finished room in the basement, and I saw the closet, I was sold.  It was huge, and it had shelves!  Diabetes could have its very own space in this house.
Diabetes brings many challenges to a household, some of them much uglier than the need for closet space.  But the “stuff factor” is very real, and can become overwhelming.  To help you understand, I’ve taken inventory of the closet:
·         12 boxes of test strips
·         15 boxes of lancets
·         3 spare glucometers in their cases
·         10 boxes each of infusion sets and cartridges for the pump
·         6 boxes of ketone test strips
·         6 bags of insulin syringes
·         Manual to the insulin pump
·         Software, cords and manual for insulin pump downloading
·         Manuals to at least 4 different glucometers
·         Guidebook we were given at diagnosis with several additional pamphlets tucked into it
·         3 travel sharps containers
·         3 vials of glucose tabs
·         4 packs of various batteries
·         3 dollar-store prizes for consecutive site changes without a meltdown
·         Oversized plastic shoe box with a sampling of everything above, packed for travel and emergencies
In our previous home, this stuff was scattered throughout the house, in plastic drawers in my daughter’s room, in the bathroom, in a giant shopping bag next to my bed, in the pantry, in the attic, and in the filing cabinet.  The organizer in me is very happy to have it all nicely stacked up in the closet, but there’s the added psychological benefit.  Diabetes isn‘t all over my house.  I know I can’t really get away from it, but I can put all of its stuff neatly in that closet.  And then I can shut the door.

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