Ice Cream Pellets

This weekend, we went to a local minor-league baseball game.  My daughter is a big baseball fan, and was excited to attend the game with my husband and I, and her grandpa.  We've been overdosing on junk food lately, and the end is not in sight. Therefore, we decided to have dinner at home, and just a "treat" at the game.

My daughter quickly picked out her gametime treat. "I think they have dippin' dots there.  I really want to try those."    Grateful she had made this decision to try something new before we got to the park, I quickly looked up the carbohydrate information for dippin dots ice cream online and compared my results to my calorie king carbohydrate book.   Both indicated approximately 20 carbs for a half a cup.

Around the 6th inning, with the home team winning by a lot, we made our way to the concession stand.  She ordered her choice of flavor (mint-chocolate chip), and immediately dug in.  It was a different brand, but an identical looking dish of tiny ice cream pellets.  I estimated there was about a cup of them in there, and bolused accordingly.  She enjoyed every bite.

An inning later, grandpa returned from the concession stand with his own dish of pellets.  He is an ice cream connoisseur, and had to try them.  He's also always curious about what company makes the things he purchases and therefore began perusing the top cover of his dish.  My daughter had ripped off and discared her top cover before I realized there was one.  Grandpa's cover,  it turned out, had nutritional information on it indicating the whole dish contained 13 grams of carbohydrate.


She started with a small juice box.  By the end of the game/start of the fireworks, she was into the glucose tabs.  Upon our return home, a small glass of o.j. was in order before bed.

But nobody panicked.  We had enough carbs with us to keep her upright. But I found it reassuring that the cotton candy guy was passing our seats quite regularly until we left the park!

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