The Sensor Order

I ordered Dexcom sensors at the beginning of December.

Two weeks later I got an email from Byram telling me that an order was shipping. Good news, I thought- the sensors would be here soon.

Early on a late December morning a box from Byram arrived on my doorstep. It seemed big for a three month supply of sensors.

That's because it wasn't. It was our quarterly, automatically refilled, shipment of pump supplies. I hadn't clicked on the email details, mistakenly thinking that we weren't due for any more pump supplies until January so assuming it could only be about the sensors.

I looked up my sensor order on Byram's online patient portal. 'Order in progress,' it said. But it seemed unusual to me that an order placed over 2 weeks ago would still be 'in progress.'

I called Byram and explained the situation to a representative who really seemed like he cared.

Side note: all of Byram's representatives really seem like they care and I'll be deeply disappointed if next year's new insurance company does not allow us to continue to do business with them.

'I see here it needed insurance authorization, but that should have happened quickly. Can you hold a moment while I look into this a little further?'

So I held.

'So it looks like, as I said, it needed insurance authorization, but it seems nobody followed up on the order. I've expedited the claim and it should be taken care of within an hour or two. And I've set the order up for free express overnight shipping because it was our mistake. Would it be alright if I call you back when it's taken care of?'

'Thank you so much, and yes- a call would be great.'

An hour or so later, the phone rang.

'It's been processed and headed out for shipping. You should have it tomorrow.'

I thanked him again, profusely.

So many things about diabetes are hard, and the grind of procuring supplies and insulin is often punishing. This interaction was anything but.

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