And to Drink?

The waiter at the BYOB restaurant arrived, opened the wine, and started pouring it into glasses that were preset on the table.

One glass, two, three...

"Uh...only two glasses," my husband said, with a pointed glance towards my 16 year old daughter who was our only dining companion.

"Oh- yeah- sorry- I wasn't paying attention... Can I put in any appetizers for your table?"

We ordered something that had caught our eye and then my daughter asked for unsweetened iced tea.

The waiter returned a minute or two later with a glass of clear bubbling liquid. "You said Sprite, right?"

"No...iced tea please."

"Sweet or unsweetened?"


He returned again with a glass of tea. "All we have today is sweet- I hope that's okay."

All three of us shook our heads.

"No? No sugar then?"


"I think all I can offer you then is water or seltzer."

Eventually she received a very small glass of plain seltzer.

"I should've asked for a lime or something," she said regretfully.

But in the end she was just happy to have gotten something to drink.

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