"GOOD MORNING! Go ahead and get in the driver's seat. You'll tell me if you're feeling high or low, right?"

And that's why we waited for this driving instructor.

My daughter turned 16 in November and passed the written part of the state driving test at the end of that month. The next step, per our state's motor vehicle department, was to begin six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction through a certified driving school.

The high school's gym teacher of few- but loud -words I've written about here is an instructor with the driving school most kids in town use. Other instructors were available in December, but we waited.

That little interaction at the beginning of the first lesson made me glad we did.

We wanted her first few hours on the road, since it would not be with us, to be with someone with whom she was comfortable sharing any diabetes-related needs she had during the lesson. This guy checked all the boxes. My daughter knew and liked him. He was, professionally as a gym teacher, aware of low and high blood sugars and the seriousness there-of. We also know that he has a niece with T1D, so would be attuned in a more personal way to the issue.

As it turned out, diabetes was a non-issue during any of the three lessons.

As with so many things diabetes, though, we were comforted knowing that while we hoped for the best case scenario we had a safety net in case things went awry.

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  1. I was DX'd when I got my license. However I had already completed Divers Ed. So post DX I had ot drive and my mom a T1 was worried in those days there were no finger sticks or carb counts.

    My dad said (in his most manly voice) "Boy it is time you got the license, I am tired of carting your butt around".


    My mom said "now Larry he does not need to do that if he is not ready".

    Isn't it funny what we remember from diabetes? I bet your daughter will remember you and her driving instructor. - Oh and i am 60 years old so that was 43 years ago.


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