We're going through a stretch of very active diabetes management here, and it's exhausting.

Don't get me wrong.  We're always managing diabetes; all day, every day.  It's just that sometimes it fades into the background a little bit.  This isn't one of those times.

At February's appointment we were surprised by a creep up in my daughter's A1C.  Nothing dramatic, mind you, but worth working on.

Suggestions to address this problem were discussed at our appointment, and we implemented them right away.  Then she started eating.  Everything.  She's growing noticeably taller by the week.  At every appointment lately, the endocrinologist has reminded us that her total daily dose of insulin is likely to double in the next couple of years.  At this rate it'll double by the time we see him again in May.

Her basal rates and insulin to carb ratios are going up and up. With these changes come increased finger sticks and dexcom alarms, the return of the log sheets, and an extraordinary amount of thinking.

I'm trying to meal plan and grocery shop more carefully too.  Countable carbs and balanced meals are important so that we know if the insulin changes we're making are right.  The fewer variables in that equation the better.  I'm also trying to fill her up, so that she's not looking for a snack an hour after dinner. If she does want a snack, I want to have healthy, filling choices on hand.

I'm hearing from the nurse's office at least once a day for a high or a low.  Then she's at play practice until five or six o'clock most days after school, so we're managing snacks and dance induced lows via text all afternoon. Meanwhile we're spending time figuring out how to include her diabetes equipment in her play costume. But who doesn't love a challenge?

The sedentary lifestyle of winter is giving way to the activity of spring.  Yesterday was the first outdoor recess since November. She's walking home again when she doesn't have play practice.  Schedule changes and field trips are creeping back into the school days.  So are juice boxes.

Factor in what feels like more than our fair share of diabetes flukes like the other night's 2 a.m. site change, and it feels like it's all diabetes, all the time here.

Which it is.

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