Measuring The Rice

A household favorite weeknight dinner this a one-pot teriaki dish.  The recipe is on the back of the Minute Brown Rice box if you're interested.

I love the ease of making and cleaning up this meal, which is ready in 20 minutes and, true to its name, uses only one pot.  The odd yellow color is a feature of amateur photography, not of the dish itself.

The trouble with this dinner is with the serving of it.  Since the carbs are primarily in the rice, but in the end all of the ingredients are mixed together, serving my daughter's portion takes some time.

First, I find a half cup measuring cup since that's about how much rice she eats.

Then I push stuff around in the pot, attempting to separate enough rice from the other ingredients.

Finally, a half a cup.

Now to add the rest of the ingredients and toss it all back together so it looks like everyone else's.

Every day there are many weighty reasons I wish for a cure for diabetes.  But I must say I won't miss these little annoyances one bit.

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