Dexi became a part of our family a little over a month ago.

She's our new dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system's receiver.

Upon her arrival, my daughter named her.  And over the past month the creative team here has personified her.

New questions and phrases have become part of our household lexicon:

Where's Dexi?

What does Dexi say?

Dexi's confused. Dexi's number and blood sugar number are very different.

Dexi's lost. The transmission signal has been lost between sensor and receiver.

Dexi is eating pie. The warm-up time for a newly inserted sensor shows a pie graph.

Dexi is thirsty.  When she needs to be calibrated a blood drop image shows on the screen.

Dexi is really thirsty.  Sometimes she needs two calibration numbers and shows two drops.

Dexi's yelling at you.  High or low alarm.

Keep an eye on Dexi while you're sledding.  Similarly, eating party food, staying up late.

Is Dexi in your purse? Similarly, on your pants, in the kitchen or did we leave Dexi in the car?

Dexi slept through the night.  I love it when she does this!

Friends and family are initially confused.  Some think we've gotten a cat, or brought another child to the party.  While some of them probably go on to conclude we've lost our marbles, most are amused.

What matters most is that it amuses us, and makes it much more fun to talk about and use this new medical device.

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